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Liver Mousse "Cake"

To celebrate the grrrrl's 8th birthday a few days ago I made a liver Mousse "Cake" with Raw Green Lamb Tripe Icing. And yes, it looked and smelled as as it sounds but they loved it !!!

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I'm guessing on the measurements as I (as usual ) didn't really measure anything.

9 Cups cooked and chopped (1" chunks) liver
5 Cups cooked and chopped potatoes
4 cups liver "gravy" (after you cook the liver, deglaze the pan with water, scraping up all the brown bits)
1 cup liver "gravy" (for gelatin)
2 sachets of gelatin

Canned Raw Green Tripe

Let the liver and potatoes cool. Follow the instructions for the gelatin substituting liver gravy for cold and hot water.

In a food processor, puree the liver and potatoes with as much gravy as needed. It should have the consistency of almost-set pudding. You may need to do it in batches. With a spatula, fold the puree into the prepared gelatin to thoroughly combine. Scrape into a very large bowl and refridgerate until set. To unmold the mousse, gently run a knife around the edge. Run very hot around /over the bottom of the bowl. Place a plate over the top of the bowl and invert onto plate. Tap the bottom of the bowl gently and place bowl in hot water if needed.

Mix enough water in with the tripe to make it spreadable. Ice your "cake" and enjoy !!

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