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All Monte is doin is sleeping, I have to wake him up to go outside, even the fresh air isn't doing anything for him all he wants to do is lay on my lap n sleep (Is that a good thing??)
That is referred to as lethargy, and it is a sign he is very ill,

THis site will show you what is meant by SubQ fluids , he has become dehydrated from the vomiting and that is partly what is making him tired, but if he became too dehydrated his body temperature could rise severely and he could have a seizure or stroke, will need help getting fluids back in his body quickly , he may look pouchy afterward but the liquids will get absorbed by his body, it does not hurt the dog, and within a few hours he should be feeling a little better, but he may need this repeated if the vomitting keeps in continuing

Has your puppy has its vaccines yet???

Your vet may need to run alot of tests, as this post about another puppy that was having the same symptoms explains, but in the end it turned outvery well for the pup and he is a very healthy 2 year old now.