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Children need to be taught...

I thought the part about the guy trying to 'get his child over a fear of dogs' was terrible! If the child is afraid of dogs then I would think that something must've happened with a dog to make her afraid. The fear has some basis. Training issues aside, I think that people need to teach their kids not to run up and tackle, hug, squeeze, etc a dog that they don't know. We had a dog that had not been socialized as a pup and was teased relentlessly through the dog run he was housed in and as a result was not a 'nice' dog. He was very sneaky though - if he was on a chain, he would wag his tail and sit real pretty as if inviting you to come near. If you did go near, he would wait for you to get into his chain reach and then attack. I always had to warn people over and over again not to get close to him, but I was just a teenager, so I think people just ignored me. I can't imagine what he would've done to a kid that got in his chain reach! My point is that you never know what a dog is going to do and just because they look sweet or wag their tail doesn't mean that you should assume they are nice. I always ask someone before I pet their dog and I would never pick one up!
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