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Oh, I sooooo know how you're feeling! We have the kids at the bus stop trained well - they'll put their hands behind their backs and wait for her to sit before they start petting her. The adults are another story altogether! "Oh, it's ok. She's just happy to see me," says one fellow while she's jumping all over him and I'm trying to correct her without looking like a complete ogre for killing my puppy's apparent joy. Yeah, well, she may be happy to see you, but I'm not so thrilled right now. Now excuse me while I move back a few steps in my dog's training, just because you can't follow simple instructions. It's not like I haven't been telling this guy for about 8 months now that she needs to sit before he can pet her.

That man who's daugher is afraid of dogs should be taken out and locked naked in a box of angry bees. Come on! What the heck kind of Cracker Jack psychology is he using here?! I'm terrified of spiders. Stick a tarantula in my face and see how fast you hit the ground, buddy!
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