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I used to have a great dane that had a cherry eye. My vet said that the cause is a weak ligament that allows it to pop out, and she said that sometimes if it's weak on one side the other one will be as well. So she recommended that we wait a bit and see if the other one went too so that if surgery was needed they could both be done at the same time. The other eye was fine and we opted to just leave the cherry eye alone since it wasn't too huge and didn't become inflamed or bother her at all. When we had that dog spayed it was very hard on her, she seemed groggy for days so I didn't want to put he through the stress of another surgery if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Turned out she had Addison's disease and couldn't cope well with stress. Anyhow, fast forward a few years, now my neighbour has a couple of pups she adopted and one of them got cherry eyes that did need to be operated on. Our local vet would have removed them, however another vet my friend knows recommended not having them removed, but put back in and I guess they suture them in some how to keep them from coming back out. He said that taking them out removes the tearduct and then the eyes will always be dry and can't flush out dirt and dust easily.
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