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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Is it posssible with the new equipment they used that has different ranges that there could have been a false reading for the creatine?
I had thought that at first but, w/the exception of Creatinine, the actual values are the same or just a little off from the last test regardless of the slight reference range changing. And it's not all ref ranges that have been changed with the update alot are still the same or just a few points different, some with a higher difference.

When I spoke to the vet today he wanted to talk next week about re evaluating treatments, then I asked about re running the blood test cuz I was wondering about possible errors, but he said the tests are really very acurate. He said if I want to re test we'll do it in 2 weeks that gives some time to see if there are any changes & she doesn't have blood taken too soon after this test. So that's where we stand.

It's an amazing environment I feel more relaxed there too
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