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Originally Posted by mastifflover
I have used the lupi on a huge Bloodhound rescue I had. He broke 2 leather leads. I bought the lupi thinking this thing will never hold him back it will surely break. Did not break and within minutes of putting it on him he was like a dog who had been trained to walk on a lead. I was amazed. I think it is far better than those ones that go around the dogs muzzle. I have not tried the other one that was mentioned but I can vouch for this one.
ok, I got the Lupi, and it works! Ebony walks nicely next to me and doesn't pull anymore. It is so much better than the step-in which must have been bothering her.
She is a strong dog, and now walking is a pleasure without her tugging my arm muscles constantly. She seems to undersatnd better where I want her to go. If she pulls, the cord tightens around her chest, not her neck, and when she stops, the cord loosens immediatley. Good doggy
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