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Hi Hazel & Barkingdog:

Thank you for your comments yesterday re the fur. The trees at the bottom of the yard are a combination of White Spruce, Ornamental Cedar, and Eastern White Cedar trees. They form the line between our yard and the folks behind us. The clothesline is hooked into a post that is buried in among those trees.

I can very easily run the line into them with an onion bag with no problem.

I think we also have an old suet cage too that we can put fur into. And we can definitely put some onto the ground. The only thing I didn't want was for the fur to get wet, but I guess the birdies won't mind - they likely would wait until it dries out before picking it up anyway.

We have also noticed that since the snow left, our bird population in the yard has dropped a lot. We're not sure why. We've also been watching for any signs of bears around, and so far there hasn't been any.

So thank you for your suggestions and we'll keep you posted.
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