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Unhappy 10 year old blue tabby diagnosed with heart murmur

New to this! Just took my 10 y/o kitty for her routine check up for her vet to tell me she found a loud heart murmur she didn't hear last year. I approved for her to run a complete blood/urine panel and x-rays to rule out potential other causes for the heart murmur. She told me that if she didn't find anything, then I was to visit a cardiologist and have an ultrasound. Besides that and what I've learned online, that's all I know to do until she gets the results.
A few years back, my cat tweaked her back due to being overweight. I IMMEDIATELY put her on a diet, bought only the cat food sold directly from my vet. Since then, she has lost about a pound a year and is almost at a perfect weight...I thought we were home free, now this.
It's the first time my baby has ever had anything wrong and after all I have read, I'm really scared. I get that it's not curable, but since she's been symptom-free and it seems that we've caught it early enough, will meds help no matter the severity? Seeing a specialist is a no-brainer for me, but also don't even know what to expect cost-wise for an ultrasound.
Does anyone know more about murmurs in aging cats?!? What are our options and success of treatment? Please help! I'm a mess!
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