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None of the vets here know anything about reptiles. I would have to transport mine to a city about 3 hours away if they needed vet care. Luckily the only thing either of them has needed a vet for was when Jaws was really young and Spike tried to rip her tail off. The vet here didn't do anything but gave me some antibiotic ointment to put on it since they couldn't stitch it up.

Our climate is really, really dry - and only gets worse in the summer. I have a humidifier for our house, but since the house has been torn up so bad, I haven't had room for it. I'll be moving their cage into a different room and making some changes that'll hopefully help with the humidity issue.

It'll be really nice to have someone to discuss iguana issues with. I did book research when I got my first one - but now that the internet has so much information I am finding that my earlier research is either outdated or the information was wrong to begin with!
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