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Just want to put in my about rawhide. Last summer, Mac needed some extractions and a deep tooth cleaning. I picked up some special rawhide strips at the vet's office thinking they would help keep his mouth clean. They had an enzymatic coating that helps clean teeth. He never shown much interest in these and will lick them, carry them around for a while grunting and then "bury" them under a towel, rug or table. One night I gave him a large strip. I noticed he was actually chewing on this one which was odd. About thirty minutes later I heard him make an odd coughing noise. I immediately noticed the chew was gone. I grabbed him, pried open his mouth and saw the end of the chew strip in the back of his throat. I had no idea how he had eaten this thing so quickly. I reached in and could barely grab the end. I pulled the entire, limp slimy thing out of his throat. He almost choked on this and was swallowing it whole. If it had not choked him it would have certainly blocked his intestines. These are dangerous. I also don't like that the package tells me to wash my hands after handling. If I need to wash my hands after touching it, should my dog put it in his mouth?
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