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Thanks, Reg!

Yes, about 3 1/3 Tbsp twice a week. That makes sense about the unrefined oil. We're planning on splitting it over her two meals on dosing day so she doesn't get diarrhea from getting the whole amount at once...

Thanks for that link on CBD oil. I'll have to look that site over It's such a fad here right now that it's available everywhere in town, so at least I shouldn't have any trouble finding some! We'll continue with the colloidal silver.

This morning, I caught Lili eating a hen of the woods mushroom at the base of the oak. Because we try to minimize their love of mushrooms in general(there are some toxic ones that grow here that almost killed Ridge one year ), I chased Lili off and pulled it up. When I came in to search it out to make sure it wasn't toxic to dogs, I came up with all sorts of information on hen of the woods mushrooms and their cancer-fighting properties. My first thought was, "Dang! I should have sprinkled it over Grace's food!!" Does anyone know anything about these mushrooms and how much might be beneficial? (I didn't find anything on dosing... ) I'm sure I can find more--we live in an oak forest and it is the season...
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