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Why don't you try setting up an outdoor playpen around the cat's area? You can get the outdoor pens at any good pet store. They're large, steel mesh, ususally six pannels and no top. They can be bent to fit any shape, near enough and would make a good indoor barrier for your cat. Your cat should be agile enough to jump over the fence or small enough to squeeze through the mesh. Also, if you can, get your cat a tall cat tree with a kitty condo on top so she can climb up and hide. Just make sure the base is stable enough that your dog can't tip it over. Another option is to install a cat door either in the bathroom door or the bedroom door so your cat can get away from your dog. A baby gate would accomplish the same thing. We use a baby gate to keep our dog from snacking on cat food and cat poo from the litter box.

Sorry, can't help you with training tips 'cause we had cat first, then dog. By the way, they are best mates now and the cat will even invite the dog to play by showing his belly for a play fight!
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