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We adopted her from the SPCA. We dont know anything about her history, they said she was good with other cats, but they didnt know around dogs. She doesnt have a safe room (but shes never with the dog unsupervised) because we only have a one bedroom so her stuff is in the living room, she does have a cat tree to hide on top of though where the dog cant get to her. She's also allowed on the couch and the dog isnt.

At this moment they are literally laying at most a metre apart on the floor. She's not scared right now, she's about to fall asleep. I just don't know why she's comfortable with our dog sometimes and others not.

I have been working on kinda creating an invisible bubble around the cats tree/litter, (by that I mean I'm not letting my dog go too close). Our dog is very smart and quite obedient so she's catching on to that quickly. Maybe that'll help?

Thanks for the reply
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