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Hello Rainbow,
Thanks for your response. It did look similar to the Great Dane's tumour but both the growth and the foot were quite a bit smaller! Tundra's is very low between his toes, just barely above his outer pad. It is difficult to get a good look at it as it seems to cause him a lot of discomfort and I am leary of spreading his toes much since surgery as I don't want to disturb the new healing tissue. The first growth was fairly smooth but the second one looked more bumpy. Thank you for the link. We sent away the first one to 'the lab' and they came back with the results of it being a papiloma tumour. I saw the piece that was removed the first time and the part that was inside the foot was smooth and football shaped; reminded me of the cartilege found when cutting a chicken. Now, it is quite runny still as there is goop left on the gauze everyday and we are at day 14 now since surgery #2. It is very pink and raw looking inside, but not red. Around the one outer edge of the wound seems like a raised little edge that is whitish and kind if spongy looking. I'm hoping it is just the tissue healing and not evidence of the growth returning once again. Tundra has had a very sore/unuseable foot for over a month now!
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