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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
My sister would say that you need to teach him to concentrate on YOU, and she'd do it by using food. She never lets her dogs socialise at Obedience, she wants them always concentrating on her. She trials them. Winston, taking him to Petsmart is not a good idea in that he could give another dog a terrible scare, which could ruin its temperament. Barb's suggestion was for minmin12 to contact the Schutzhund people because they are used to this type of dog and would probably be more than willing to help . Good luck with him. Oh, I didn't know about the back pack idea till I mentioned it to Barbara and she said it's good, and that they sometimes put a small bottle of water each side.
I do we do search and yes Petsmart is the worst place they do not use positive reinforcement. No clue on how to handle Belgian Malinois. I am starting with my Behaviourlist sometime after the 16 of this month she works with this breed and cops all good thank you
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