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I am cheddered bigtime. I have contacted either by email or phoning. As soon as I mention that Moses is a Belgian Malinois no reply. In fact I used a site offered by a woman she found located in Winnipeg and Nada. The only place that offered help for obedience is The Winnipeg Canine Academy. Most of you I hope remember the issue that Andrea did to Moses by flipping him in the air; hanging upside down forcing him to the ground. pushing front legs to ground and then kneeling on him. That is when actually before she did that she did other things to aggravate him not sure it had been either Barkingdog or Longblades that made a comment something like she needed training herself. Anyway Moses then did Bite her natural reaction that is not positive reinforcement. The Academy I informed this female what happened and why now she said they would indeed muzzle him for how long it takes that again is negative reinforcment. He still is out of control around people and other dogs. I am working with him on my own with help from this community and doing google searches. He still has time regardless that he is going to be 6 months this month. I believe and practice positive reinforcement on my own but not enough. My behaviourlist is unavailable at the moment. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I tried putting a small back pack on him but his body frame is far to streamlined for it and this is a small one,HELP
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