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Originally Posted by LibbyP
Glad to hear I'm not the only 'mean mommy' out there
Welcome to the 'mean mommy' club! I have to warn you though that it can be a lonely road. I remember one time, we where at a dr office and my oldest, about 3 at the time, just would not behave. So I made a new appt for the next day and had to drag him out of there, kicking and screaming. walking through the parking lot he was still screaming and fighting and I was holding his hand to get him to the car when this woman walks up to me and threatens to call social services because I am so mean. (insert my smart a** comment that I probably made here) She had a small child too, and I would love to meet that woman now to compare teens

I am considered very 'backward', mean, oldfashioned, etc in my parenting. my kids have chores, do not get an allowance (if they want money, they have to earn it) and I do not believe in praising every little thing they do and ignoring bad behavior. if they screw up, they know it and the praise comes when they deserve it only, otherwise it becomes meaningless.

I do not limit tv time, they have learned self control and besides, there are much better things to do! If they start something...a team, club etc, they have to finish it And if they don't clean their room, I will, and have thrown out everything on the floor. Every one of these rules has earned my variuos responses from teachers and other parents, and rarely are they good. But my kid is the quiet respectful one standing at my side and only speaking when addressed by an adult, not that little monster tearing around the room being a pain in the butt!

OK rant done!

Again, welcome to the club
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