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Thanks for that thread Growler!

So it turns out that Jake's kidneys are showing signs of failure.

His urine concentration was 1.016. So it's not in renal failure stage, but is below normal function.

His T4 wasn't crazy high, but he definitely needs treatment.

The woman who runs the clinic that does the therapy is concerned only because she can't guarantee that his kidneys won't fail even a couple of months after the therapy. Regardless, he needs treatment, and his kidneys could go whether we gave him the pills or the therapy.

The good news is that she is planning on reducing the price to just $1000. She will also keep him an extra week at no extra cost to make it safer for me, and they will cover the cost of the follow up T4 tests in a year.

I think we will still go for it. I have to do what I can to save him - he's still a healthy guy despite all of this! I will stick with the Wellness and like brands food (even though he's not eating the Wellness right now )

Thanks for your help! Looks like he's getting in for the procedure next weekend!
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