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My cat is faking an injury

I'm sure my cat is faking a sore paw...weird. A few weeks ago Gus was on his perch and I caught his paw with a window blind. No doubt it hurt his paw. He was limping around for a couple of days. But the limp got less and less and by the second day he was not bothered by me trying to find exactly where the pain was. The limp disappeared. Every now and then though, when moving the blind, he reacts like I caught his foot again (even though I moved the cat tree away so there is no chance of touching his paw). Happened again today. I moved the blind, and he jumped up from his snooze on the cat tree. He jumped down onto the dining table (only a height of 12") and started limping badly and giving me a dirty look. After a few minutes he was sleeping beside my iPad (which I was using on the dining table), and not at all bothered by my probing his paw and leg looking for the injury. I should also mention that an almost daily routine is Gus and Bella tearing through the house chasing each other.

Has anyone else ever seen this?
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