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In all fairness, I am a allergic to cats too and I can tell you that medication wears away pretty quickly. To inhabit a home where a cat lives I would have to pop a new med every three hours or so---I would also have some considerable trouble finding places to sit and curl up that would be free of cat hair, dander or saliva (they do lick their bodies and in turn put their saliva all over their coats).

I think it is fair to consider the terminology used as inappropriate---but in all fairness if you aren't allergic to cats or dogs it's not really fair to pass judgement on this man's experience.

Someone also mentioned the negative side effects to using allergy meds on a daily or even hourly basis. This is also something that this man must consider---I'm sorry but I certainly wouldnt want to digest more medication on a daily basis than necessary.

If these people are simply fostering this cat then are they really "getting rid" of it or simply following through with the process they've enrolled in? I thought that is what fostering was all about...(though the use of "getting rid" on her part was not indicative of this).
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