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I am not flaming anyone, just stating a concern that I hold dearly. When we adopt pets, we have to think of them and not ourselves first. It is not like well, the small TV does not look good so I want a larger one.

There are so very few acceotable reasons for rehoming a kitten.I want to think you are not "getting rid" as you so indelicately put it of Nalah because of one of those good reasons. Allergies is not one of them. I guess I find the phrase "getting rid of" just so offensive! and unkind! "That term conjures up images of throwing the poor kitten out because she has become an inconvenience. (And as someone who has worked with dying children, an allergy is just that - an inconvenience!)

That said, that same medical background probably led me to consider allergy medications first.

So re: that area, you wrote: "I have bought my husband allergy medi,it worked for about...a week,and now it doesn't'.

There are a plethora of medications on the market. First your husband needs to find out what specific one he has to cats and how specific it is. What are the symptoms. Allergists can diagnoze that accurately. Your purchase of one OTC med will not give you any info at all. There are so many different classes and types of allergy drugs that he needs to 1) ID the main problem and 2)Find the appropriate treatment

Obviously, not living with a cat IF his allergy is severe (i.e. causes life threatening asthma attacks - most unlikley since it covers a very small portion of the population) - would be one route to take. However, since he is not in intensive care and you are already thinking of another pet, this means it falls into the moderate to weak area. (I cannot know if I do not see you or have the case history).

Most people are not allergic to cats so much as they are to the cat's saliva. That said, there is absolutely NO scientific data at all or reasearch to support the concept that one breed is less allergic than another. Cat allergies all stems from the same thing - the protein Fel d 1 in sebum.

That said, mind you, cats that shed- because the sebum comes from catís sebaceous glands and turns into flakes- will cause more pethogens. In fact, to quote the science on the topic from a renowened allergy journal

Unfortunately, if you are looking to buy a kitten, this doesn't help you very much. "All kittens have soft, supple skins. At this early age, an allergic person can probably handle any one of them and not have much, if any, of a reaction. It is as the skin ages and becomes less supple and the sebaceous glands begin to produce more oils (sebum) that allergy problems begin to appear."

So, I am at a loss to understand why your husband defies medical science and is allergic to the kitten when in fact, he should be more allergic to your cat???? This mamkes no sense. (I admittedly was not sure of this myself until I asked a colleage who is an allergist asnd a top researcher in that field). He explained to me that one can get a kitten and not be allergic but after time - usually a period of many months - the first and weaker symptoms may appear.

He suggests the best treatments is desensitization shots or immunotherapy. Other ways of living with a cat (and this likely won't occur until the cat may be 7-12 months) are hardwood floors as opposed to carpet, keeping the cat out of the bedroom. A person allergic to cats is also often allergic to dust and other pathogens so exposure to those triggers should also be minimized.

Another article he referred me to asserts:

"People are not allergic to their pet per se, but to products of their pet. These include dander, hair or skin proteins, fur, saliva, blood, and even urine from rodents. By using a special pet shampoo, designed to reduce the airborne allergens your pet produces on a regular basis, and shampooing regularly, and by taking a few preventive measures to remove or decrease other allergens in the home, an allergy sufferer should be able to reduce many of the sensitivities to his pet."

Next, there are the various meds such as eye drops, antihistamines, and nasal sprays that can help with itching, sneezing and inflammation. Your GP should be able to help if the OTC stuff does not work and refer you to an allergist if necessary.

Some vets recommend washing the kitten for three weeks (several times a week) and this will also reduce the cat dander.

These are just some of the alternatives and I am just offering them to you so you can keep the kitten you say you really love. With all due respect, I really doubt a reputable rescue group would give you another pet after you've told them you want to "get rid" of a current pet , epsecially a kitten because of allergies that people do not develop until cats are a little older.

You may have a most unusual and esoteric case. It is just that so many use the allergy excuse when they want to (using your term again)"get rid of" a pet.

Neither can you suggest you have given him one OTC med and it did not work. I do not want to appear unkind (and I am not, just concerend for the kitten here) but someone who really loved an animal would try several strategies before giving in to the problem.

If you do love this kitten =- I really and truly hope this helps your husband with his allergy. (If he truly does have an allergy, it is most likely to your cat and not the kitten - ) My fellow physician (allergist - I am NOT an allergist) says he has NEVER seen a case like the one you are describing of someone allergic to a kitten but not a cat in the same household. (I have to say he educated me on that topic and I am glad I asked him, they say one learns something new every day!) and he has been in this feild for almost 30 years and has taught at some of the top medical schools in Britain, Canada and the US.

Soooo.... I am at a loss for words now. He said maybe someone is just toying with you - asking you a trick question - but I told him I did not think anyone would do that, would they????

Anyway--- good luck!
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