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Allegies cannot always be fully treated with meds. Also, if the husband is allergic to the kitten's fur, it probably means it is a different breed of cat and he will still be allergic to it when it gets older. I'm guessing the full grown cat is long-haired. I also don't react to long-haired cats.

It drives me a bit nuts when people say, "just take medecine" when talking about allergies. If it solves the allergy problem fully (in my case it doesn't), it often still leaves you with a constant dry mouth and nose, AND allergy medication has been linked to cancer. I still take it when I need to because of hayfever, but I try to limit the amount I take as much as I can -- and it isn't fair to guilt someone into subjecting themselves to the lifespan of a cat of taking meds that could potentially be cancer-causing!

Having said that, I do think the OP needs to be careful about what kind of dog they get. You should really try one out first and make sure no one in your home has an allergy to it. Giving up a pet for an adoption is a painful process for all, so pets really shouldn't be acquired carelessly, especially when an allergy has already been found in your home!
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