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Originally Posted by onster View Post
That is so cool phoozles, thanks for posting the review! Do you have to set up a whole bunch of them?

My bunduk has started walking all over the stove-top too.....maybe it would keep him from chewing wires as well
No, you only need one - it has a long range sensor, and you can move the direction of the spray - I think it said it sprays several feet. Once they stop going where you don't want them to be, you can just move it to another place.

You can buy refills, but I didn't bother because one can is supposed to contain about 200 sprays, and they've already learned (me and my boyfriend have accidentally set it off more times than the kitties have! )

I think it would work for the wires too - which is a great idea - Jake's always been a wire chewer!
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