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Originally Posted by honeys-parents View Post
there is everything wrong with runnng in fear...I dont want her to be afraid because frankly I am there to protect her.she should be able to trust humans. I think it is bad dog ownership if You think it is o.k for an animal to run in fear from a human who is not causing them harm. It is unheathy for their mind just as it is for people. It is better than agressive fear but it is far from heathy.

She does wonderfully with other dogs, kids and cats(though the kitties don't appreciate her excited greetings). she dashes and jumps if someone she does not know well comes to close and will try anything to get away. if she's got to go through you she will.

of cource being frighten by a loud noise is not out of the norm for a senstive dog but I do not want her to fear anymore, I want her to have confidence in herself and her surroundings, wouldn't any dog owner in the same possition want that? maybe not.

when taking her to high energy, noisey places I let her go through her phases so each time when we leave she realizes "ah..Im still ok and my master is by my side".I also reward healthy state of minds.for example, if she is excited about going on a walk I sit her and wait for her energy level to reach level 0 rather then level 10 and i reward her by taking her flee markets i reward her with petting and "good girls" when she is calm and submissive, rather then jumping around, pulling me, and fleeing from other people, that behavior is ignored(I will not nurture that state of mind for it will tell her that it is the right behavior...dogs don't speak english only body language and energy).Im telling you the dog whisperer is wonderfull, its already helped her so much and helped me understand a dogs mental behavior.

she is wonderfull on our daily walks, its new situations and new people shes fearfull of. also she has regular vet appointments and she is very heathy, no problems with sight or hearing(I would find those problems before my vet would anyways..I know the signs)

just to clearify, i do not just "let her flip out" I wait untill she runs out of energy and calms down, just like with children, you can not reason with a child who is throwing a tentrum tantrum. once she is calm i reward the behavior I want.

by the way I am not new to dog behavior and i would like it if you did not talk to me as if I knew nothing. I am just looking for some ideas or things others have tried with their nervous dog, I know all dogs are not the same and do not have exactly the same problems but its worth a try to see what else might help my honey pull through her fear of new PEOPLE(not dogs or kids). thanks, maybe now you can understand?
have you checked her ears to see if she has an ear infection? When my last dog had an ear infection and loud sounds made him jumpy.
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