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Originally Posted by NicoRotty View Post
My 10 week old Rottweiler is very aggressive and doesn't like being told "NO". I do not shout at him, and I always try to give him other toys to play with (instead of my blinds and my rug ect) but he still continues to bite and growl at me. I love him to pieces, and when he's good.. he's very very good. But when he's bad, he's evil He doesn't have an issue with other dogs (as far as I know) just humans! Any advice, I don't want to lose him
He needs to learn what he's allowed to chew and what not - if you cannot leash him to you when he's not in his crate, try using a playpen - he'll have space to play but no opportunities to make mistakes. Leave him with only his toys within reach.
Also, try spraying some Bitter Apple extract (sold at petstores) on your drapes and rug ( try the back first, of course, to make sure it does not stain)then allow him supervised access - the bitter taste should help deter him and it's not harmful.
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