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Who can own a pit bull if Bill 132 is passed?

Who can own a pit bull if Bill 132 is passed?

Proposed Pit Bull Ban will give researchers in Ontario a steady
supply of dogs to use in experiments.

Thursday November 18, 2004. Animal Alliance believes that a pit bull
ban will mean that local pounds will be inundated with friendly
adoptable dogs. Apart from exempting registered pit bulls, Bill 132
if passed, will make the breeding and owning of these dogs illegal.
However researchers in Ontario will continue to be allowed to own
and use pit bulls for experimentation. According to the Animals for
Research Act, researchers can request and purchase a dog for $6.00
from any pound in Ontario. Pounds have the option of euthanizing
these dogs, sending them to groups outside the province or selling
them to a registered Ontario research facility. For some, the
easiest solution will be to sell the dogs for research and thereby
redeem some of the costs they have incurred.

"It is amazing that these so called dangerous `ticking time bombs'
as described by Michael Bryant are friendly and gentle enough to be
used by researchers for experimental purposes" says Liz White,
Director of Animal Alliance of Canada. "The fact that researchers
are exempt from this legislation suggests that Mr. Bryant does not
believe his own rhetoric because he is helping researchers in their
search to find friendly and cheap disposable dogs."

Since Bill 132 was introduced into the Legislative Assembly of
Ontario on October 26, 2004 by Attorney-General Michael Bryant,
prominent lawyer Clayton Ruby has been retained by a consortium of
organizations and groups to challenge the ban in the courts, if
passed. Animal Alliance is optimistic that the Attorney-General will
remove the banning of pit bulls from Bill 132.

The group is urging all dog owners to contact their mayor, local
politician and the Attorney-General to oppose the breed specific ban
of Bill 132. "We cannot allow our pets to be the losers of this ill-
conceived piece of legislation which blames the dog, not the
irresponsible owner" says Shelly Hawley-Yan, Director and co-
ordinator of Project Jessie, AAC's rescue program. "If it passes,
all breeds can potentially be subjected to similar scrutiny."

For more information contact Liz White, Director (w) 416-462-9541 ex
23, (c) 416-809-4371 or Shelly Hawley-Yan, Director and Project
Jessie coordinator 519-940-4712
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