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Aspiration pneumonia in cats

A couple of months ago, baci developed pneumonia very quickly...

Due to the fact that he eats like a freak (inhales his food) I am thinking that some food may have gone down his trachea and possibly into or near his lungs.

He saw the vet, got x-rays and was on heavy antibiotics and is totally fine now...

The vet never said anything about aspiration pneumonia but a quick search shows that this is often the result of regurgitated or vomited foods making it into the lungs.

We were using the pipolino 99% of the time (a device that rolls on the floor and lets the kibbles fall out slowly - image attached) and then we thought his food obsession was ending so we gave him kibble (once a day - 2x a day he gets soft) in a bowl. He reverted to eating the kibbles too quickly so back on the pipolino he went.

Just wondering what you guys think though? Could a few kibbles that went down the wind-pipe cause this? I'm thinking yes, very I off-base? Thx all!
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