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I think with Dusty, she still eats like she's starving, so everything she eats, she gorps down like it's going to disappear magically in the next 5 seconds. I found out that pate and finely ground is better for her than anything chunky--chunks always come back up... We're managing her pretty well just with smaller, multiple meals, so she never overtaxes her tummy.

JD, on the other hand, prefers chunkier foods, actually chews his food, and eats slower, so why he throws up, I don't know. Now that he's on the 3-meal-a-day plan, he's been better, but maybe I'll try elevating his bowl a bit. We have very shallow stainless steel bowls for the kitties--about 3/4-inch deep--but I think I can elevate his bowl a little without the rim getting in the way. Thanks, Ev!
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