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I agree it is worth it to take the dog in to a vet..or if you can find animal opthamologist. (yea i had no idea they existed!!).

my dog started with just a bloodshot eye, and now I'm almost $1000 in the hole with no clue with what's wrong, he's on all these eyedrops, and we are still trying to figure it out.

A lot of internal diseases can cause issues with the eye too. It's better to get him checked out. They have all the instruments and can check if it's a scratch, or something internal going on...I waited about a month, he started squinting and tearing and all of a sudden one day his whole eye was RED and swollen.

I'd hate to think we could've done something sooner>
we are running blood and urine tests for a million things..ticks, fungal diseases,'s the worst not knowing what's wrong.
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