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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Owie! It does look like it would hurt...but you say it doesn't seem to bother him? I should think that bed rest is mandatory--so now that he's sleeping on your bed, where will you be spending the night?

I hope the compresses help and the swelling goes down soon. Is this something that the vet thinks will recur? Or just a one-time deal once you get it healed up?
Thanks guys...The vet said because he is soo young it might be a one time deal. She said cause he hasn't developped calilus on his elbows yet that thats why he has it. He lays down too hard on the floor. He is in no pain. he runs around like normal and you can poke it and he doesn't look sideways. Vet said if he was in pain he would have a infection. Now that the vet drained it, she said it will fill back up but after soft rest it will go back down in a couple weeks
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AHHHH They are a year old already!!!!
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