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Homemade Doggie or kitty treats - Salmon "sushi" rolls

I was going nuts trying to find some treats Nookie could have, but not much luck. I did find one called "Doggin' it!". They are cookie bar type treats made with novel protein and berries. The one he eats is Elk and Wild Berry. But he needs more than just 1 treat! I started making these a few months ago, and both him and Thorin went nuts over them. Each week I bake, then debone 8 head-off salmon for Nookies meals. Instead of throwing the skin away or just mixing it in with the food, I decided to make treats out of it. It's SO easy, and are his absolute favorite. Being the food motivated boy that he is, I can get him to do almost anything if I use these lol.

You peel the skin off the cooked salmon (only the top, the bottom skin is useless and just gets mixed in with the food), then crumble some of the baked salmon over it, roll it up (looks like a fish fruit roll ), cut it into bite size pieces, then bake it again at 350 degrees for an hour, or until it's completely dried out and crunchy. It would probably be great, and last a lot longer in a food dehydrator, but nothing lasts with Nookie anyway lol. I put them in snack size baggies, enough for a couple days in each baggie, freeze them and just take them out as needed
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