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Thank you Maxi Lisa - you are a wealth of information! I wish I had even a fraction of it.

I hate to slam you with questions but I just have one other one to ask!
How do all these supplements interact with each other and is adding more, such as those you suggested, likely to be too much for her even though they are all natural treatments?
It seems like a lot to put into her little body so I am wary of adding more due to her pancreatitis and dodgy tummy.
Other than the food supplements necessary to balance her diet (which would likely form part of a commercial diet anyway), there's CBD oil, Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM capsules twice daily, Zentonil (liver support - not RX med - commonly known as SamE), Zylkene (natural - for anxiety to replace the Clomicalm) Golden Paste (just a small amount mixed in 2oz of raw goats milk daily).
Having not needing to medicate or supplement her for most of her life, it seems that since she's gotten older I am always giving her something! But at least all prescription medication is gone at the present time - I realise that may change as she ages further.
But if something additional and natural would be beneficial to her, such as what you suggest and which sound like it may address some of her main issues, I would be very willing to try as long as it's not too much for her.
Thank you so much again.
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