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catlover, I'm not offended. I wish it were that easy though. Not that giving up smoking is easy but then at least I could DO something! I don't smoke, however. In fact, since this problem surfaced last year, I've even given up use of my lovely wood-burning stove!

ancientgirl, I think I'd have to. I don't see us making it up there - I was literally frantic by the time we got up there and they took one look at Oscar, took him straight back to the Oxygen cage, and left us in the waiting room for an hour while they tried to convince him to breathe. He panics, then I panic, and I'm not sure either of us could survive the trip without some Xanax! My vet won't even keep him there in a cage without sedation because he gets so stressed she's afraid he'll have a heart attack.

If I don't hear back from my aunt today, I'll call the backup vet. I don't like her as much - she's nice enough, I just always feel like she's in a hurry and kind of considers my endless questions a nuisance - but desperate times lead to desperate measures.
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