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Originally Posted by rjesak View Post
She does have a backup vet. I just really wanted someone who would be able to evaluate him based on how he's been. He's been seeing Dr. Katherine since he was a baby so she'd be more able to see how he's different. I'm going to wait for some information from my aunt, then I'll take him into, either the backup vet, or the specialist depending on what I've decided so far.

If I do take him to the specialist, I'm going to have to get a sedative or something. He was so freaked out the last time that, by the time we got there (the specialist is an hour away), Oscar was in such bad shape they had to put him in an Oxygen cage, give him a shot of Terbutaline, and a shot of Dexamethazone in order to get him breathing - they were afriad he was going to have a heart attack during the examination. I was a basket case - maybe I need a sedative too!

I have the same situation. My vet has been seeing my gang since they were kittens, at least 4 of them that is.

Is it possible for you to ask your vet for some Xanax? I have to give Vlad and Oksana like half of a low dose before I take them in. Vlad's shreeks are worse than a banshee, and Oksana just goes nuts biting and peeing. I don't like to do it, but it does help keep them at least a little calm.
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