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Hey everyone,

let me first say thanks for all the help. To answer some of the questions:

1) Re; the CRF. i will get the blood work. We take it every 3-4 months to see where he is. his numbers have been level for a while. We had originally changed his diet to help with the CRF. We also give him zantac for the nasuea. As mentioned before he gets amlodipine (liquid) for the HBP. We have not needed to do the sub-q's yet, becasue he was drinking well. We have a fountain for him. However he has ceased to use it, but still drinks regularly. We did try phosphorous binders but only for while. his numbers are good. We tried probiotics and other herbal remedies early on. however he is very picky with food and would walk away if he smelled anything he did not like. it came down to a choice medication and no food or find foods he liked and ensure he eats.

2) Dexamehtosone: We give him this for the enteritis he has. he had an episode once where he did not poop for 4 days. After an ultrasound, we started him on dex. it helps, but does not seem to do anything for the arthritis. it seems he has developed arthritis (at least sever arthritis) recently, but has been on dex for 6 months now. The dose is the lowest dose, .5 mg.

3) we have started him on adequin for the arthritis, shots. I know it takes time. the funny thing is there are days where he looks better and then just looks bad the next day. We do syringe feed him everyday, to ensure he gets nutrition.

4) Appetite stimulant: the vet said the Dex would increase his appetite, which it does. We also have him on Mertazipine. That really gets him going. The problem, i put the wet food down in front of him and he either just licks it or walks away. I do not know if this is part of the various illnesses he has or just being picky.

5) normal diet is wet food as much as possible. We also leave out dry food (innova). We tried to give him innova and evo wet and he used to like it, but no longer. We have also given him pro-plan. unfortunatley, we give him whatever we can now, just to ensure he gets something. like I said it is better he eats something than trying to get healthy food in him and him not eating at all.


i will get the latest BW and post it. My wife has done a ton or research on crf and has been on the sites you mentioned.
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