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A Small Success

The melatonin seemed to have worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although the next two waves of storm activity that came through last evening and night were not nearly as bad as the media has warned - there was still a couple of rumbles of thunder and lots of very heavy rain. Normally Honey would have been totally freaked - even with just the rain. Twenty minutes after I got one - 3mg tablet of melatonin in her, she relaxed completely, laid down, gave herself a wonderful foot bath, and went to sleep. She had a tiny bit of anxiety at bedtime (she has connected bedtime with scary thunder and panic attacks), but after a few minutes she sprawled out and went back to sleep. I was prepared to give her her second dose at 1AM, but she didn't need it - she slept through the night, had a couple of barky dreams, snored a lot, and woke up spunky and hungry.

We don't know if the melatonin worked because there were no big booming thunder rumbles with the rains, but the rains were heavy and she always freaks when it rains, so I am extremely optomistic. We will need another BIG storm to pass through to know for sure but so far....

I will continue to post how she is with melatonin during storms in hopes that maybe this can help other dog's that panic the way Honey does. I'll also post how her vet appointment goes. Maybe Honey's journey to find something that helps will help other pooches.

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