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She does have a Thundershirt actually - unfortunately, it seemed to help a tiny degree a year ago, but it does nothing for her now. Thank you for the thought though.

I was looking at Mutt Muffs but reviews seem to be 50/50 - and having half the people say they are a rip off makes me tend to think they are probably right. The other half say they "are cute" and things like that. I don't care I Honey looks ridiculous - or even I look ridiculous - I just wish for a little peace and comfort for her. I would do anything to take this from her.

The first round of the storm is almost on top of us. I have turned on all the fans, blinds are closed, TV up loud. She had a nap earlier so I'm happy she had some rest from last nights trial. She is dozing right now. I will get the washer going the moment I hear the first rumble.

All the appliances going might raise the hydro bill a little but anything for my little goombah.
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