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My Yorkie with cancer...

First I know she is 15 yr. old and she has had this breast cancer for many years. The vet said not to remove lumps at her age as she has developed 50 to 75 % kidney failure now..I was wanting to make sure I am giving her all the special food she needs..She has been on c/d diet for many years, she has had 3 bladder stones removed. I know there is nothing I can do for her now, and it breaks my heart, I just want to make sure I am doing all I can for the rest of her life to make her comfortable. I read somewhere that giving her table food is good for kidney failure, I only have given her chicken breast that I boiled. What food should I be feeding her? Stay with the c/d? I know she needs more water in her food..Please if anyone has any suggestions as to what I should make sure her diet is each day I am all ears. She is still active, but we are having to bind up the tumor as it is bleeding and draining,,she seems to welcome the tshirt tied around her with the mini pad inserted in it. Well thank you for reading and any thing you can offer to me I appreciate it so much..I am just lost ..
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