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Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
Hi everyone

Well it seems our girl is over the fear of going outside. I think it was a combination of being cold and now having "stuff" touch her, like kitty claws and juniper trees. The good thing is, she also likes to be petted more, again I think she can feel it. She's still a little nervous about going out, but once she's out she's happy. I'll keep an eye on the sun and burning, too hot to be in the sun.

I certainly agree with the laughing at animals and having them upset. I have a few cats that are very sensitive. I was worried sick over one cat who was very sick and my boy licked his belly bald from stress. I had another one who would nip and bite at me if I was crying, even if I was in another room she would come running) you can see them watching you to see what's going on.

I like her shaved, she looks sleeker and boy does she have long legs) and a lot thinner than I thought, no more dieting for her.

Again thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be posting more issues shortly...never ending). Does anyone have a muti-cat household where the cats get along? If so what's your secret?
When I took my hearing dog shopping with me some people would sometime come up to my dog and start whining to him " Oh you poor thing , blah blah blah " I would have to tell the person to get away from my dog as I did not want my dog to start thinking he was being mistreated by me. .
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