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I did wonder was it praying or preying, lindapalm, and was too lazy to look it up. I say "whatever", and how can it be a favorite, because it won't bite me.LOL. They're harmless to humans. A bit disconcerting due to how fast they can move if they get on you, they seem to travel from hand level to sitting on your face rather fast, but gee, if a spider did that I'd break all land speed records and leave you for dead. Don't tell anyone but I don't think hubby likes preying mantis at all. LOL.

I hope you find that elusive mantis, Hazel. We get the occassional stick insect here too and they tend to freak me out just a tad, the size they can get to. I'd never harm one or remove it from the garden though, just hope it didn't want to jump aboard.
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