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Originally Posted by Dee-O-Gee View Post
Pascali and Pope John Paul 11 are beautiful GF. Your St Patrick is stunning as well. I planted one of them a few years back here and it never took.

I miss summer.
I'll never forget the first time I saw St Patrick, DOG. I looked accross rows of potted roses at a Nursery and spotted this lovely green rose, or rather a green rosebud. Just beautiful! Mine is not thriving though either, if I lost it I wouldn't be surprised. Pascali, well, I have two. I think it's a rose that needs just the right amount of shelter/shade and the right weather conditions, I only have my best flower now. I am not disappointed with Pope John Paul 11. White roses have their own set of problems here I think, attracting certain insects more than other coloured roses do for instance too.
You would NOT miss Summer if you lived here. I feel like celebrating the first day of Autumn(Fall) because then it's a whole 9 months till the next Summer. Yay!!
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