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I'd still be interested in learning if there really is a long lasting chew for her though that she won't eat the entire thing in less than 5 seconds.
it depends on what you are looking for: consumable treat, or toy for chewing pleasure? or a mixture of both?

a great consumable, long-lasting treat: raw meaty bones (knucklebone, meaty ribs, turkey necks, pork or beef necks, pig's foot, etc). served half-frozen is even better!

toy for chewing pleasure: flavored non-edible nylabones

a mixture of both: any KONG toy filled with treats, or yummy stuff (peanut butter, cream cheese, etc) served frozen so it takes time to lick it all out

another idea:

Kyjen Fill-N-Freeze Bone is the ultimate dog bone that will help occupy your pet for extended periods of time. Simply fill with water, juice, or broth, put in the freezer until frozen, and then give to your dog to enjoy. Your dog will keep occupied as he bites at the bone to extract the melting liquid from the leak holes. Also great for relieving stress and helping with separation anxiety. Made with non-toxic durable materials so you can refill and freeze over and over again
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