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Question Dog Coughing or Sneezing

My dog sometimes coughs or sneezes once or twice a day, with a single cough or a single sneeze, not chronical or multiple coughs one after the other. I mentioned this to his vet before getting his second shot as he is a puppy, but exaggerated the coughs as I am a first time pet owner and nervous. The vet performed a " trachea test" and my puppy coughed a single cough and the vet refused to give his second shot and said he recommends xrays and maybe antibiotics from there. As the xrays cost a lot, i took the antibiotics and researched tracheal collapse and reverse coughing, both written and also on youtube and non of the videos sounded or looke dlike what my puppy is. They were all extreme and chronic cough and sneezes. I want to know is my dog normal and the vet just exaggerating for the money or is it abnormal to have a single cough or sneeze once or twice a day?

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