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Bad things come in threes

A few weeks ago, Buddy was here again. We were getting our house washed, and Buddy was in the yard with the person who was working. This time, he was not alone. Two other dogs were with him. I didn't know who the other dogs were or where they came from, but watching them run around the house, do their business on the tree in our front yard, and just act crazy reminded me of the Bumpus dogs in "A Christmas Story" (funny movie; look it up on youtube). For a good part of the day it was like we were prisoners in our own house (and because the dogs were there, the cat did not go out). Mom finally called Animal Control, and I learned that Buddy's "friends" live up the road from us. And people have seen them go into a nearby hair salon (and not for mani-pedis!) We also live across the street from a nursing home, and Buddy has crossed the busy road to go "visit".

We got in contact with Buddy's owners, and they told us that they were going out of state to go hunting. The also told us, of course, that Buddy doesn't wear the collar that goes with the electric fence because "it's too tight", which was the excuse they gave when Buddy ran up to me the one day. The neighbors have had several dogs in the past, and they've all become one with the busy road we live on. I wanted to ask them, "What's more important: the safety of the dog, the safety of the neighbors, or the opening day of firearm deer season?"

After this, it's been quiet. Mom put Animal Control's phone number on her cell phone, and I have it too, since the last time Buddy visited. We haven't seen Buddy or his friends in the yard since, but the friends' owners have been notified. I was told that the friends were being penned up, and I hope one day that Buddy's owners will follow that example.
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