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It's not safe out there

My neighbor's Labrador has been getting loose lately. He's snapped at my dad twice, and he's always crossing our yard. The neighbors have an electric fence, but I don't know if it's malfunctioned, or if the collar Buddy wears to go with it isn't working, or if it's loose, or what the deal is. I've been getting our mail by driving up to the mailbox when I've been warned that he's out, and my neighbor takes my grandfather's cane to defend herself if she goes out in front (I pass on the information about the dog to her). The escapes often happen when the neighbors are at work, and Buddy is usually home by the time his owners come back.

Also, my dad recently told me that pitbulls were sighted around his friend's pie shop. And we all know about the bloodthirsty reputation of those dogs! And those dogs already killed one cat. I don't want them to kill another, which leads me to my problem.

Ambre, my cat, loves going out. I know this sounds like some of my other posts, but he's become persistent about wanting to go outside, especially since he's been inside all winter. I don't want him to become a snack for any of these dogs. My parents and I all tell him that he can go to the breezeway, but that's it. He's also welcome to go up to my dad's studio, but that's as far as he's allowed to go. I don't open the screen door a crack to give him air anymore, since Mom and Dad told me that the pit bulls or Buddy might get in our yard and tear it, however, I do open the window in my dad's studio, since you have to climb the stairs to get to it.

I'm also thinking about my young niece and my brother's dachshund(sp?). Zoe's going on five, and Spike is a little dog with a big bark. What if any of the dogs come when they're visiting? Zoe loves driving her pink pedal car in the front, as well as playing on our front steps. What if Spike gets in an altercation with any of these dogs? And what can we do to keep Ambre safe? I've got a number for Animal Control, and I also have Buddy's owners on my cell phone, but what else can I do?

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