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Weight loss and diarrhea in 9 year

Surgery was performed as vet (after blood analysis, urinalysis, radiology) suspected that there might be a blockage when cat was not eating. There was no blockage. When diarrhea became constant, second vet performed coproscopie (stool examination). Cat was then given an injection of duplocillin L.A. Cat was also prescribed 5 pills metronidazole 100mg. Hills prescription diet I/D has been fed to the cat since 1 October but diarrhea still present and no improvement. The Kirkland cat food that was recalled last year was not the same lot numbers that I was feeding to all five cats. Sylvester is the only one with the diarrhea problem. Apart from the diarrhea problem he appears normal. Great appetite, drinking water, and as playful and mischievous as ever. Thanks.
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