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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
I don't know about cost but your title gives me the impression you are considering amputating only part of the leg? Because of the "crutch" problem you have already encountered sometimes the whole leg is removed to prevent that happening. Did you discuss that with your Vet?

They told me there were two options, one to remove the whole limb at the body the other just to the next section down.

I did a lot of reading yesterday on the cost and there's quite a bit of price difference. Its range anywhere from $300 to $2K but never to $4K.

If it came to it I'd pay the $4K if it was a life death situation or a standard cost of an amputation but I'm thinking I'm getting shafted here. I did take the cat to a "feline" only vet thinking I'd get a more elaborate diagnosis but I guess time to go back to my regular vet who has been really good to us.

My current vet has sane prices, when I took my cat to the only local emergency room (2am) it was $1500 after 6 hours. 6 hours later we transferred him to our regular vet and three days later he only changed us $380 (not including x-rays which were done at the previous place)

I understand a vet is a business like any other but if I"m getting gauged screw them.
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