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Not dehydrated.

Aubrie is not dehydrated. She is drinking plenty of water. Her vet was not concerned about dehydration. She has had a probiotic - the FortiFlora - which had no effect. We do not have mice in or near our house.

I have had Aubrie for 12 years. We have lived in this house for 7 years. I do *not* believe that it is environmental, toxin, parasite or anything other than the drugs. Clearly, my vet doesn't either as her first course of action was NOT to run a fecal or blood analysis.

I'm really surprised that no one has anything. This is a very common drug and surely someone else has gone through a wash out with their cat.

Aubrie has been locked in her kennel for over 24 hours now. She doesn't appear upset about it anymore: is not trying to get out though she does offer a sad little meow every few hours. She is eating right now and when she's done I'm going to cuddle with her. Unfortunately, until I can get her on a different drug for the inappropriate bathroom habits, she will have to stay in there. I miss my girl & I feel bad about her being stuck in there.

Thanks anyways.
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