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Thank you Luckypenny and MerlinsHope for your replies.

As stated in my original post, I do not feed raw but am curious about the contoversy of this topic and since I admire and trust the knowledge of the experienced raw feeders we have here I decided to ask your opinions.

Lew Olsen has her own website, a yahoo group forum and has just published a book, so she has the ability to influence a lot of people. Since there are many people who also don't know who to believe, I would appreciate if you both would contact her with your questions and/or opinions and knowledge and then let us know here. I would do it myself but since I do not have enough knowledge about raw feeding I do not have the confidence in my ability to discuss this matter with her.

Her contact information is on her website

I just checked the website and her contact email isn't there anymore so I got it from one of her newsletters: lewolson at (replace with @)

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